My healthy little girl

Here is my darling, beautiful and healthy Miranda on a shoot for the classy Victorias Secret

Isnt she so beautiful. Im so proud of her, she is a true sweetheart and she eats so healthy. How can any decent parent not be proud of their young daughter getting naked all the time and have men perving over her? Using her body to advance herself, earn money and gain status is such an admirable thing. My husband Johnny and I are so proud and would encourage any parent to get their daughter to do the same.

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Sweet little Flynnie

I had a truely blessed and amazing conversation with Flynnie on Sykpe today. His little light truely shone! He asked me the most profound and sweatheart of a question:

“Dearest Grand Mother Therese” he said, “I have been pondering of late as to what you would do if you found yourself incarcerated and given the death penalty. What would your last meal be?”

I didn’t need to think about the answer for long. If I was to die and be so blessed to be offered a last meal of my choice, I would choose organic chicken on spelt bread with organic veggies. I would also request to be able to put on some KOLA Orgasmics one last time so that I can look my best for the firing squad, electric chair or lethal injection. I would also be chanting affirmations up until my death and my last breath would be the words “let your little light shine firing squad/electric chair controller/lethal injection giver”.

Flynn is so cute and so wise.

On a side note, I was in a healthfood shop the other day and almost wet myself. No, thats it, I just almost wet myself.

Miranda’s Bikini Mixer!

I wanted to share this video with you all. While shooting for the Victoria’s Secret Swim Catalouge a couple of years ago, Miranda and the other, lesser attractive and fatter models had to make a “Bikini Mixer” video, where they mix and match different bikinis showing off their bodies what styles they personally like. They were allowed to do whatever they wanted in the video, no direction, just had to make it up themselves, so Miranda had the opportunity to make a funny and interesting video, instead it was very airhead and slutty, her doing more or less the same actions throughout, occasionally prancing around and hitching a ride on some hunks back and even being topless in one part. All her own choices, all her own work. I am so proud.

I found this to be so very funny, especially the end part, and when she pulls out the splits! Yes she did suck sand up her coochy but a dozen dicks managed to winkle it out. Classic Randa.

Hope you all enjoy the video!
Love Therese xxx

Hello Sweathearts

Hi everyone! Miranda’s mum here. I now have my own blog as I was getting tired of posting as Miranda on hers. I will post whenever I can but as I have a book coming out (titled “Boxed Lunch Solutions”) and promoting my beloved daughters KOLA Orgasmics range (which I am the GM), it may be hard for me to get on 4 times a day. Will post lots of interesting and non invasive private pictures of Flynny. Take care and let your light shine, Love Therese xxx